3 things to consider before switching off for Christmas...

December 13, 2018


So the presents are under the tree, the turkey is ordered, and you’re wondering if that fridge full of booze will keep the family going this Christmas… but before downing tools and having a well-deserved break, it could well be an idea to make sure your business is still working as hard as possible for you whilst you’re enjoying the festivities. So here are just a couple of tips that could make sure you don’t miss out on any potential new customers whilst you indulge in too many quality streets and that cracking looking cheese board:


1) Set your Facebook auto replies


Now this is a very quick win. A new customer is browsing Facebook during the holidays, they find your business page, pop you a message, and wait for a reply. They wait some more, and then two weeks later when you return to work (and sadly they’ve either lost interest, or gone elsewhere) you reply to their message. If only there was a way to make sure that your customers get a response even when you’re not working… enter Facebook’s Response Assistant!


Go to your businesses Facebook page. Click Settings > Messaging, and scroll down to ‘Response Assistant’. Here you can set up your page to send instant replies to anyone who messages your page. And what’s even better, is that you can personalise it by adding the users first name, for that personal touch, too.


Cool huh?



2) Make the most of the Christmas sales (online shop owners)


As an online shop owner, you’ll no doubt have been working hard to make the most of the festive shoppers pre-Christmas. But don’t miss out on the post-Christmas sales either! All that’s needed is a little bit of preparation and you can keep the sales streaming in whilst you’re having a much needed break. Simply set up a promotional code on your store to start at midnight on Christmas Day. Then, set up a Mailchimp email (other suppliers are of course available...) to go out to your database promoting your new offer on Boxing Day. Simple! You're suddenly a part of the 'Boxing Day' sales without lifting a finger.


And don't forget to set expectations regarding your delivery dates too. Even the most 'Scrooge' of customers will understand that small business owners need a break too. Set their expectations by clearly stating your holidays processing and delivery timings; and it'll remove the chance of getting back from Christmas to an inbox of snotty complaints!


3) Set your email out of office and leave a festive voicemail greeting


OK now yes, this is a very simple one, but how many business owners actually do it!? It is much better that your customers know exactly when you’ll be breaking up and returning to work following the holidays. So don’t make them wonder when they can next get hold of you; simply set your email out of office with your holiday dates, and record a short voicemail greeting on your phone too. That way you can put your feet up in front of the fire, and not worry about picking up the phone to your biggest client after one too many mulled wines...

If you’d like help with your Facebook page settings, or anything else, then please do get in touch with me for a free and informal chat. I’m always here to help and am happy to meet face to face if you are based in Bournemouth, Poole or Dorset, or similarly via telephone or online if you are based further afield.


Chapter Marketing, the small business marketing agency.


Darren Baker | Marketing Consultant | darren@chaptermarketing.co.uk | 07305 361037

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