The content marketing mistakes you MUST avoid...

May 14, 2018


You’ve spent hours creating your latest piece of content. You think you’ve got the perfect images or videos to accompany it, and it just has to get some attention! Yet no one reads the damn thing. No likes (apart from perhaps your best friend and a couple of people you used to go to school with) and certainly no real engagement... so in this all consuming world that we live in, how do we as brand or business owners make ourselves heard over all of the noise. How do we get consumers to want to read, consume, engage with what we have to tell them? Well sadly, there’s no one, simple answer (sorry, but if there was, I’d be a rich man, and the likelihood is that I wouldn’t be writing this blog!). However there certainly are a few rules to follow that can get you much closer, and help you to create content that is most likely to not only resonate with your audience, but be of genuine interest to them too...


1) Whatever you do, don’t fall into the ‘brand trap’:


Forget TGIF, weekly competitions and ‘freebie fridays’. Yes you might get more likes, yes people might share your post (because you’ve told them they have to...), but are these really people that want to engage with, and build a lasting relationship with your brand? No. They want your free stuff, then you won’t hear from them until the next time you get desperate for a few likes. When it comes to the people that you want your brand to engage with, always, always go for quality, not quantity. Sorry to say, but no-one cares that your brand is happy it’s Friday. So stop it. Now.


2) Don’t focus on what you want your audience to hear, focus on what THEY want to hear:


Do you think it’s a coincidence that the only times you get substantial interest in your own social media posts are at a big life event; such as when you get engaged, when you get a promotion at work, or when you’re somewhere exotic on holiday and the world is just completely jealous of you? No, it’s not. The reason people engaged with those things is because they’re the things that your audience (in this case family and friends) WANT to see, and the engagement levels prove it. It works the same for your business. Write and post about exclusive, interesting or even controversial articles, share fun, engaging images and videos, if you have some exciting news, put an angle on it that makes it exciting for your audience too. Give them content that they want to see, and it’s safe to say that the engagement will follow.


3) Remember, you’re not the only business doing this!


Take the last time that you went on your mobile phone, your tablet, your computer, your TV. How many times do you think you saw adverts that you didn’t even think about looking at, never mind reading, or god forbid engaging with? Well I’ll help you out, it was a LOT. On average, we each see an incredible 3000 marketing messages a DAY. Yes that’s right, a DAY! And let’s not forget all of the other adverts that were unwillingly thrust upon you today. Every bus that passed you, or every few minutes on the radio in between songs on the drive home from work. How about the TENS OF THOUSANDS of price cuts, offers, promotions that did their very best to grab your attention when you went to the supermarket to pick up some milk.


Yet honestly, can you name just 5, 6 or 7 of that influx of messages that were thrown at you today? All of these attempts to interrupt you (unless half price and simply too good to refuse...) failed because they would disrupt your day, rather than fit into it. Create content that aids, assists, and helps people in their everyday life, give them something that will impact, not interrupt their day, and it’s safe to say that your chances of success will more than double.


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