Why using a freelancer can in fact SAVE you money...

March 15, 2018


“Working 9 till 5”; the dream that most small business owners could only wish for right? Any time away from the ‘day-to-day tasks’ required to run a business can be taken up with managing the books, thinking of ways to increase sales or replying to emails and social media posts. And that’s all before we actually start living life and spending time with loved ones.


One way to help ease the burden is to consider hiring some freelance marketing support. It must be said that there are many common misconceptions about using this service, but here’s a few reasons as to why it truly can actually save you money, and most importantly, invaluable time.


1) Affordability


“Ha! Marketing consultants aren’t cheap!”... That’s one, often common view. But let’s just step back a minute and compare to hiring a permanent member of staff for example; Consider the fact that permanent staff might be on a 20, or 40 hours per week contract. Then there’s holiday pay. There’s sick pay. There are employee pensions, benefits, additional office space and equipment costs to consider. Note that none of these are costs associated with a freelance marketer. You simply pay for the hours that you both need, and want their support.


Plus remember that freelance marketers don’t have fancy, modern offices to pay for, so their overheads are much less, meaning that their rates are often much more competitive than you might think.


Suddenly, hiring a freelance marketer doesn’t look so pricey does it?


2) Flexibility


Using a freelance marketer to assist your business means that you can use them as and when you need the support. One month, this might not be at all. The next, you could require a couple of hours a week. Maybe 10 hours a week during your key selling periods. Then back to zero again as things quiet down...


Or how about when you need a well deserved holiday? Who will set up, manage and monitor that social media advertising campaign, get that time sensitive email campaign sent out, or work on a marketing plan that you really need to kick-off as soon as you return?


Consider the fact that freelance marketers can give your small business the support you really need, as and when you need it.


3) Experience


Now I’m not going to pretend that every freelance marketer will be an expert in all areas of marketing. But what you can guarantee is that freelance marketers DO have experience across a wide range of industries. No two days are the same for a freelancer and this variance and extent of knowledge can provide real value to your business. They are not ‘in the bubble’ that so many small businesses find themselves in, and can give honest, impartial, valuable and often surprising advice for helping you to grow your small business.



If you think some affordable freelance marketing support could help you and your business, then please do get in touch. We can offer support as and when you need it, with rates that will be affordable for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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